Quad Drama was created in 2011 under the name Quad Télévision, through the association of television producer Iris Bucher with Nicolas Duval, founder of the Quad Group. In 2012, the company produced Murders in Saint-Malo for France 3, a regional crime film with a resounding audience, thus becoming the first opus in the successful Murders in... collection, for which Quad Drama produces a unit every year.

In 2014, Quad Television produced its first series, The Disappearance, a family drama (8 x 52' for France 2) which met with widespread public and critical success. As well as Elise's Secret (6 x 52'), a foray into fantasy that earned TF1 the best audience of 2016.

Recent highlights include the ambitious historical dramas The Bonfire of Destiny (8 x 52', TF1 and Netflix) and Women at War, (8 x 52', TF1 and Netflix), as well as Gloria (6 x 52' for TF1), and Quad Drama's first Franco-German co-production, The Perfect Mother (4 x 52' for TF1, ZDF and Netflix).

In 2023 the public discovers Vortex (6 x 52' for France 2 and Netflix), a mini-series that uses virtual production technology for the first time in France, as well as The Best of Us, a 4 x 52' police mini-series for France 3 (in co-production with TS Productions) that takes on the spellbinding arena of the biathlon.

As its name suggests, Quad Drama focuses mainly on drama, "bigger than life" stories lived by striking characters. These dramas are intended for France, but thanks to the universality of their subject and an ambitious production value, they are conquering the international market.