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Quad Drama is dedicated to high quality, modern TV drama. Created in 2011 by producer Iris Bucher, and working closely with Quad Cinema, Quad Television started by launching France 3’s highly successful TV Movie of the Week anthology Murder in…. With the acclaimed TV series The Disappearance, Victor Hugo, Enemy of the State for France 2 and The Secret of Elise for TF1, Quad Drama cemented its expertise in producing gripping, ambitious dramas with high production value. Believing in universal stories and great characters, Quad Television creates dramas destined for France but designed to go on international markets and sell worldwide.

  • Iris BUCHER
    Producer, CEO
  • Roman TURLURE
  • Marc BRÉGAIN
    Line Producer
  • Natascha CUCHEVAL
    Literary Editor
  • Emilie JOURNAULT
    Productions Coordinator
    Assisstant Production Manager
  • Juliette Verrière
    Development Assistant
  • Igor CORBÉ
    Executive Assisstant