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2022, the Bessans, ski resort in the French Alps. Abel, a popular and promising biathlete, is found dead on the firing point, a few days before the World Cup. His girlfriend Manon, his sister and agent Justine and his coach Jean are in shock. Awa Sissako, a young police officer from a nearby city, is in charge of the investigation. She is to work beside lieutenant Achille Salvi, a young local very close to Abel’s family. However, though Abel is known as an admirable person, the picture-perfect image of him and his team is about to crumble with each of Awa’s new discoveries. What actually happened in the small village of Bessans? Awa has but a few days to discover the truth before the beginning of the much publicized World Cup held in Bessans. A task that proves all the more difficult for her as she is in the midst of dealing with her own family issues.

A series written by Lucie PROST, Aurélia MORALI and Isabel SEBASTIAN
Based on an original idea by Lucie PROST

Directed by Floriane Crépin

Starring Mariama Gueye, Nicolas Gob, Elisa Erka, Marilyn Lima, Théo Costa-Marini, Loyan Pons de Vier, Gauthier Battoué, Benoit Michel, Marie Matheron, Luce Mouchel, Farouk Bermouga, Princess Erika...
With the participation of Bruno Debrandt.

A Quad Drama and TS Productions production in coproduction with France Télévisions //
With the support of the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and in partnership with the CNC (Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée)
In coproduction with AT-Production and R.T.B.F. (Belgian Television)

Broadcasted by : France 3 / Distributed by : About Premium Content / Year of production: 2022 / Format: series 4x52’

Copyright photos © Christophe Lartige / Nicolas Robin / FTV / Quad Drama / TS Productions