About New Murder in Saint-Malo

The Murder in... collection celebrates its 10th anniversary!

A few years after arresting her brother for murder, a tragedy that caused her to give up her career as a cop, Gwen Garrec (Louise Monot) finds herself once again in the middle of a criminal case. She decides, with the help of her former sidekick Vautier (Bruno Solo), now retired, to investigate alongside the gendarmerie.

Who is controlling this bloodthirsty dog that seems to want to decimate one of the oldest families in Saint Malo? Could it be that Ronan, Gwen's ex-partner and father of her son, who has been missing for several days, is involved in the case? Gwen cannot believe it and will do everything to prove Ronan's innocence. But Kassem (Marwan Berreni) and Vasseur (Chloé Stefani), the gendarmes officially in charge of the investigation, do not see this intrusion in a positive light...

A film written by Yann Le Gal and Lionel Bailliu

Directed by Lionel Bailliu

Starring Bruno Solo (Eric Vautier), Louise Monot(Gwen Garrec), Chloé Stefani (Julie Vasseur), Marwan Berreni (Kassem), Bertrand Constant (Yann de Kermanlec), Xavier Deranlot (Loïc de Kermanlec), Laurence Roy (Marie de Kermanlec), Peggy Leray (Anna), Baptiste Caillaud (Ronan Delalande), Lety Pardalis (Nicole Vautier)

A QUAD DRAMA production, in coproduction with FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS, AT-PRODUCTIONS and RTBF (TÉLÉVISION BELGE) / With the support of RÉGION BRETAGNE, in partnership of the CNC / With the participation of RTS RADIO TÉLÉVISION SUISSE

Broadcaster : France 3 / Distributor : Mediawan Rights / Year of production : 2022 / Format :90’

©Rebecca Vaughan Cosquéric / France Télévisions / Quad Drama

© Rebecca Vaughan Cosquéric / France Télévisions / Quad Drama